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At Rusty’s Furry Companions, we offer a variety of services to keep your pet healthy and happy. Our basic pricing includes daily walks, feeding, and enrichment activities. Prices start at $25/30 minutes. For additional services, such as grooming (no shaving), nail trimming, anal glands, medication administration and doggie daycare for additional fees. We also offer special packages tailored to your pet's unique needs. Contact us to find out more about our pricing and services. 

Home Visit (15 min.) : 22 

                (30 min.): 25 

PawParty (In-Home Boarding) 1 pet: 43

                                          2 pets: 65 

Additional Pet for PawParty: 39 

PawParty Puppy <5 Months: 49

PawStay (Daycare up to 5 hours) 1 pet: 17 

                       (Up to 8 hours)  1 pet: 25 

                                              2 pets: 55 

*Packages available for PawStay* 

PawCation (Stay at Owner's Home) $245 

   *This includes mid-day drop in, 12hrs starts at 8pm, Report Card & Medication administration

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