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A Pet Sitter Comes to your home and stays or does drop ins

Why you want a

Professional Pet Sitter 

  •    • Pets experience less stress at home.

  •    • Diet and exercise routines are maintained in the best manor.

  •    • Travel trauma for both owner and pet is eliminated.

  •    • Certified in Emergency & First Aid

  •    • In-home professional pet care provides added peace of mind. 

  • You won't need to inconvenience family & friends. 

  • Having a Pet Sitter come to your Home is a Crime Deterrent, most Pet Sitters make it look like someone is home. 

  • THE BEST part, your furry companion is Home Waiting to give you wet kisses! 

  • Rusty's Furry Companions is here for you and your furry companion.

Image by Ergita Sela

This can be applied to drop in or multiple drop ins a day. 

While caring for your companion my

30 minute service includes:

For Dogs:
Play, Exercise, and Cuddle Time

For Cats:

Play Time, Litter box cleaned, and pamper



Also Includes:

Feeding, Fresh water,

Mail brought in, Blinds/Lights Changed daily,

Trash placed outside/inside on designated

days, and Plants watered. 



Pet's must have minimum annual exam

by doctor.

Meet n Greet is
done at the pets

location of Care. 

Medication Administered is additional

Home visit

If you don't have any pets, but want someone to come check on the house while you are away, this service will include Mail brought in, Blinds/Lights changed daily, Trash placed outside for pick up, & Plants watered.

These visits are scheduled on the type of pet, location and sitters schedule. As we try to be at your home when you feed your pet, unfortunately we are not always able to accommodate.

Our Window for drop-ins/home visit is 8am-7:30pm.

Cuddling Buddies

Starting Price:

$22 and up
you pay for the time


Lazy Brown Dog

I stay at your home

This service includes all the above, the difference

is for 11-12 hours I'm at your home.


Time Starts at 8pm

Please fill out the New Client Information/Request of dates

This includes the overnight care, along
with the drop in midday.

I do
NOT do 24hour care

Starting price:

Image by Rana Sawalha